Retreat Testimonials

Spring Spiritual Manifesting Retreat 2018

I arrived at the retreat and was skeptical that my timing was off because my husband who is alcoholic relapsed for the second time in a year and I was pissed. It was time to decide. Stay again or leave. The retreat gave me the wisdom to make a choice. I chose to leave. When I got back I got the last “sign” I needed. He was caught drunk driving with our kids. He went to rehab for six weeks. He came back a new person. I could tell he had changed. He hit rock bottom. Or we hit it together. We talked about consciousness language at the retreat. A choice can be changed. A decision cannot. The English language “cide” is final. Suicide, homicide, decision – incision, etc. I went off my intuition which I learned how to channel at Shelly’s retreat to make a new choice. To stay. We are doing great and I don’t have any doubt the timing of that retreat, which I almost didn’t go to, was meant to be. It helped me see two sides of how my life could play out and helped me see how digging through mud can lead to some hidden gems.  ~ Danielle Murray, Charlotte, NC

Shelly’s spiritual retreats are truly moving and powerful. She has an innate gift that naturally supports and uplifts people during intense transitional times. On a personal note, after attending her spring 2018 retreat, I have already experienced dramatic personal and professional growth in my life on a day-to-day basis. Not only was I able to release many of the energies that had been holding me back, unrealized and unspoken, I was able to step forward into the new energies that were waiting for me. Her retreats are truly life-changing and I would encourage anyone, at any place on their path in this life, to take the chance to change everything. ~ Krysta Code, Chesapeake, VA

I thought I had my whole year of retreats and seminars planned at the beginning of 2018…well I was incorrect!! A few weeks before Shelly’s Spiritual Retreat I was talking to a friend who was going and had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to cancel the convention in Las Vegas and go to the Retreat.

That was one of the best decisions. We all arrived Thursday afternoon as strangers and left Sunday as friends with a deep connection. Friday was the dig day and let me tell you my hands have NEVER been in the dirt. The minute I started to dig, a grounding and calming feeling washed over me. I was so excited to find quartz and amethyst crystals. I was also anticipating the personal work we would embark on the very next day.

I have worked with Shelly previously and I adore her. This weekend of intense concentration turned everything up a notch!! She guided us through meditations that were amazing. As she says “Let’s go play.”  She is such an amazing teacher and put everyone at ease. As we meditated and wrote in our journals, we shared with the group. It’s amazing how strangers can come together and help each other.

Although we were digging deep and doing work on ourselves it really was like hanging out with your best friends. We had amazing meals all prepped by Shelly, took walks by the beautiful lake and worked hard.

Saturday night ended with the grand manifestation. I built my manifesting alter. Wow was that magical to build your own and see everyone else’s. I slept great Saturday evening as I realized that all I want is within reach.

Sunday was a beautiful morning of reflection. I was ready to go home and get to work!! I left knowing that the strangers I met Thursday are now my friends for life that will cheer me on to big things, as I will them.

As soon as I returned home my energy shift helped to make things happen quickly. I decided to continue my work with Shelly…and wow things are moving quickly. When’s the next retreat??

Stef Freeman, Virginia Beach, VA
Holistic Health Coach and Author

Fall Spiritual Manifesting Retreat 2017

I couldn’t have prepared myself for the enlightening experience I was embarking upon with the beautiful souls I connected with.  From digging our own crystals while grounding and connecting both spiritually and physically to the earth below us, to enjoying a wide variety of the BEST home-cooked meals in the loving chatter of new and lasting friendships, each second was absolutely filled with transformative, healing energy.  Having worked with Shelly for almost three years, blessed to attend and help at her events and classes, I have experienced this healing power many times.  I am familiar with the endless love and light flowing through her in all that she does, with the powerful healing qualities even a single visit to her shop has, with the empowerment every class imparts in her attendees.  But this was different, different in the most powerful way.

The retreat rose everything to a new, higher frequency, opening doors which retreat members wouldn’t have ever imagined could be opened, let alone actually move themselves through.  Shelly is gifted with the power to see someone’s next steps in life to achieve their most powerful self, and her retreats showcase this unique ability in a group setting conducive to supportive and compassionate growth.  No matter what point of their spiritual path her clients are on, she empowers them to grow at a pace they are comfortable with, so everyone realizes and focuses on what they need to, during and after the retreat, with the clarity of a shining Quartz crystal!  Moreover, the spiritual growth from Shelly’s guidance has the perfect ratio of work to play.  Not only is the way she teaches fun, authentic, and intuitive, but it’s gentle structure grants a sense of grounded support.  She provides the platform, and all that’s left is jumping into the first steps towards a better reality!

To provide better insight into the spiritual power and growth of the retreat, I can say with certainty that every person at the retreat not only became clear in their intentions, but took their first steps to manifesting them at once, experiencing results shortly after integrating back into the world outside of our magical forest sanctuary.  With engaging activities ranging from deep, guided meditation, introspective reflection, group sharing of experiences and thoughts, to stories from Shelly’s life, we gained many invaluable tools for our spiritual tool box from Shelly’s teachings, each other, and within ourselves.

Overall, Shelly’s retreat was hands-down one of the best experiences of my life.  The beautiful friendships, the amazing, healthy food, the intense personal growth, and the serenity of the environment were outstanding.  I firmly believe everyone can benefit from Shelly’s gifts and guidance.  Not only do I HIGHLY recommend her retreats, but it would be a great disservice to exclude her extensive rock shop and spiritual coaching/healing sessions.  From the first day I met Shelly to now, nothing I’ve ever come across can hold a candle to the quality of her crystals, the sincerity of her work, the authenticity of her personality, and the blessing of having the angel that is Shelly Norris as part of my life.

But as all good things must end, so did the retreat.  However, all the transformation and growth from it continues.  Though it would have been nice to extend the retreat until forever, it was time to board the flight to my best self.  I left feeling physically rejuvenated, emotionally revitalized, mentally rewarded, and spiritually renewed.  Throughout the retreat, Shelly takes you under her wing and into the woods, but leaves you flying high and ready to soar into your hopes and dreams!  So, what are you waiting for?  The biggest risk involved is not using Shelly’s spiritual airport, so grab your ticket and get ready to fly!  Wahooo!  -Elijah Edwards, Virginia Beach, VA

Fall Manifesting Retreat 2017

I have attended lots of workshops but have never been digging for my own crystals. When I saw that Shelly was offering not just a dig, but a spiritual retreat as well, I signed up! How fun combining digging in the earth (grounding anyone?) for magical sparkly gems and a spiritual exploration! My actual experience with her was so much more than I imagined.

Meeting new friends who share a love for crystals and being open to new things gave us the basis for a fantastic group connection. Our lodging was spectacular, with good food and lots of space both inside and outside. Shelly provided us a clear, organized schedule of events. She was so warm and welcoming to all of us!

We dug in the ground, finding gorgeous quartz and amethyst crystals. Guided meditations and journaling deepened the awareness of our connections. Shelly has a unique way of guiding people to cultivate their own interpretation of both the (personal) meaning of their stones and of the signs the universe offers us on this path of life. On the last day, everything came together in a beautiful way, and I left feeling grounded and supported with a clear sense of purpose. An unexpected outcome but a beautiful one that stays with me to this day. I am so grateful to have been part of the adventure!  Louise from Kauai, HI

Fall Manifesting Retreat 2017

I have always wanted to be an archeologist,  loved all the Indiana Jones movies (well except the last one – HA!), love finding fossils at the beach, and still wanted to go on a real dig.  In the meantime,  I went on a crystal dig w Shelly Norris.  She organized an amazing weekend retreat to learn about crystals, the science behind them, how we can harness the energy inside them, how to use them with oils for our businesses and lives and more!!!!  All of us dug out our own gems- smokey quartz, clear quartz and amethyst!!
Not for the faint of ❤, it was hours of stooping in the dirt but so fun to hear each other say “oh wow! Look at what i just found!”
Shelly provided gourmet meals, guided meditation and led us through a journey of healing during this weekend retreat and yes there was a lot of digging down deep…
We were seven strangers when we walked into the beautiful house Shelly used as our retreat spot… the lake, the quiet, the serenity!  It was the perfect space to feel safe, share and work things out.  At the end of four days, we were all different people than when we walked in the front door.  Shelly worked with each of us and as a group and incorporated crystals into our healing sessions.  We could see and feel the empowerment, growth and transformation in each other and now we all have seven new friends!  When Shelly told me she was doing another retreat in the spring, I said, “Sign me up!”
If you are looking for a life changing weekend, then do yourself a favor and meet Shelly at the next crystal dig!  You will unearth some deep level issues and she will support you in working through them!  You will get dirty digging deep for crystals that go home with you! You will sleep deeply in your own or shared bedroom in an amazing house in an incredible location.  You will be full of good food, great conversation,  full of knowledge, amazing ways to heal using crystals and full of gratitude for Shelly and her incredible retreat mates who held space for each other the entire weekend and beyond.
If you get a chance to participate in a crystal digging retreat with Shelly,  doooooo it!!!!!!  Yvonne – Fremont, CA

Fall Manifesting Retreat 2017

My life has been changed forever in miraculous ways. After a weekend retreat with Shelly, I have a whole new attitude about life, love and who I really am. I was already in a state of transition (having just gotten married) and was ready to figure out what my growth has in store for me to create all that I want in my life; including a new path, with my blended family, my new husband and friends.

Shelly opened me up to my inner light, and I was able to honestly feel a real sense of self-love, maybe for the first time in my life. At 38 years old, I had waited a long time to be in the right place at the right time to find myself again… Shelly’s Retreat was that place. I now feel confident. I have a sense of purpose to follow my dreams by trusting my instincts and inner guides to steer me in the right direction. I have a feeling of safety, worthiness, and love in my heart that was never there before. After a weekend with Shelly working with her loving and thoughtful guidance and nurturing of my soul, I was able to find my true self while digging for gemstones in Clarksville, Virginia and connecting to nature and the universe. Helping me unfold a powerful vision quest of self-love. A self-love process that began to unfold while at the digging site and continued during our retreat sessions which lead to everything coming together once Shelly started to teach me about life tools to love myself further and to understand how to find gratitude for my life entirely.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shelly, for giving me the gift of love and light.” ~Dalia G. de Wo, Virginia Beach, VA

Spring Spiritual Crystal Digging Retreat 2017

Shelly’s retreat was just what I needed after weeks of feeling stagnant – personally, business-wise, and in relationships. She intuitively connected with each person on such a deep level, and with such empathy, that we all felt free to open up and share our strengths (in some cases, we were just realizing them for the first time) and our weaknesses. After a few days of connecting with nature, new friends, and experiencing heartfelt, often tearful personal growth with Shelly, we left with intention and a refreshed sense of purpose. To top it off, the land on which we stayed was breath-takingly serene. I brought home a simple, direct list of priorities for my life. I brought home Shelly’s mental tools that I can use to continue intentional growth on my own. And I brought home amazing memories with loving people. I can’t wait for the next one!  Marie Adele Weaver – Virginia Beach, VA

Spring Spiritual Crystal Digging Retreat 2017

My experience on this retreat great! It was one that helped me to find the spirit and courage to take the next step in manifesting my dreams. I learned a different approach in meditation. I also enjoyed working with crystals and stones. The people and surroundings were calm and comforting, a nice escape from the daily routine. The food was prepared fresh, by some very kind souls. The  overall experience was a beautiful one. Working in a group setting was new to me and helpful in many ways. Nashville, TN

Spring Spiritual Crystal Digging Retreat 2017

Shelly’s Rock Shop & Classroom Retreat was a wonderful experience in self love!  On the surface, this was an opportunity to meet new friends and go rock hounding! The day we spent digging was a great way to release physical energy and connect with Mother Earth.  We found beautiful amethyst and milky quartz.  The following day was spent getting connected with our self and Spirit.  We dug deep within our mind and heart to learn what we want out of life.  Shelly taught us meditation techniques to manifest this life plan and identify obstacles.  As a group we shared ideas and worked together to fully develop the steps to achieve our goals.  Since returning home, I have noticed an increase in energy both physically and mentally. I have been busy putting my house in order so that I may focus on the next chapter of my life. I am motivated to dedicate more time to meditation after experiencing this connection with myself.  I am motivated to follow my heart’s path pushing past any obstacles.  I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to reach their highest potential.  The retreat location is beautiful and peaceful.  The accommodations are spacious and comfortable.  The home-cooked food is delicious.  Shelly is a wonderful host and teacher!   Mechelle Mooney – Nashville, TN