“M to the Power of Three” – A Spiritual Retreat

 “M to the Power of Three”
A Spiritual Retreat

Motivate!  Master!  Manifest!

Coming 2019


The answers you seek are inside you:  Motivation is the key to unlock them.  With motivation your answers come naturally.  These answers allow you to step into your next right steps with clarity and confidence, providing the excitement needed to grow your beautiful life!

Let me motivate you in a multitude of ways that support your growth no matter where you are on your journey!


From inner motivation, we step into self-mastery.  We learn to master the power of our spiritual tools to bring about positive change in our lives.  Everyone possesses a “spiritual toolbox,” the inherent and learned skills that support you in finding your soul’s truth.

Let me teach you how to put your spiritual tools to immediate use for your highest potential!


Once motivation, clarity, and alignment are in place, manifestation naturally follows.  With continuous, intentional action towards your grand vision the Universe delivers your desires QUICKLY!

Let me empower you to use use manifestation to bring forth your heart’s desires!

I motivate you to motivate yourself.
I teach you to master yourself.
I empower you to manifest for yourself.

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Learning to Manifest  Read more here!

Dig Day

(this day is optional)

Our dig site is located in the middle of nowhere Virginia and has amethyst, milky quartz, smoky quartz, “gemmy” feldspar (moonstone), and WiFi for all those pictures and videos you’ll want to take!  I will provide the buckets and the tools.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  While dig day is now an optional addition to our retreat experience, attendance is highly recommended.


The Retreat Home – Location TBD

All rooms and bathrooms are shared.  Sheets and towels are provided.  Please bring any comforts from home if you’d like.  If you have a preferred roommate you’d like to share with please let me know.

Our Meals

Our cooks will provide us with healthy and delicious meals, all cooked with love!  We cater to meat eaters and vegetarians as well.  Please let us know of any allergies you may have, we can accommodate most food allergies.

What to Bring

  • Journal
  • Favorite colorful pens/pencils
  • Sacred items that have special meaning to you (i.e. crystals, pictures, oils, spiritual items, etc.) to be used during the Grand Manifesting Finale!
  • Sunblock and bug spray
  • Clothing you can get dirty on our dig day (extra in case it’s rainy or muddy)
  • Boots or tennis shoes that will protect your feet while digging and walking on the property (it can get muddy)
  • Layers of clothing (weather may vary)
  • Hat for sun protection

Optional Items to bring

  • Bathing suit
  • Snacks
  • Yoga mat

Your Investment in moving YOUR DREAMS forward!

Coming 2019


Secure YOUR Spot!
Message me for your payment plan.


(dig day NOT included)


(dig day included)

$450 to save your spot.  Please contact me to set up a payment plan that works for you.  shelly@shellynorris.com or 757-619-0524 (text or call)

No full or partial refunds after…

Note:  Once you’ve paid in full or secured your spot you will receive a welcome email with a form for you to fill out.  Also, once registered you will receive all additional information needed for scheduling and preparing for your trip via email.  We thank you in advance!

Cancellation Policy

No full or partial refunds after…

If you need to cancel please do so before… or sell your spot to a lucky someone.  Just give me a heads up if this happens. 

In an act of Mother Nature or unforeseen circumstances we will reschedule the retreat. 

💎  A Golden Nugget for YOU!  💎

“And you have treasures hidden within you–extraordinary treasures–and so do I, and so does everyone around us.  And bringing those treasures to light takes work and faith and focus and courage and hours of devotion, and the clock is ticking, and the world is spinning, and we simply do not have time anymore to think so small.”  ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Testimonials from the Spring 2018 Retreat

Shelly’s spiritual retreats are truly moving and powerful. She has an innate gift that naturally supports and uplifts people during intense transitional times. On a personal note, after attending her spring 2018 retreat, I have already experienced dramatic personal and professional growth in my life on a day-to-day basis. Not only was I able to release many of the energies that had been holding me back, unrealized and unspoken, I was able to step forward into the new energies that were waiting for me. Her retreats are truly life-changing and I would encourage anyone, at any place on their path in this life, to take the chance to change everything. ~ Krysta Code, Chesapeake, VA

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Testimonials from the Spring 2018 Retreat

I arrived at the retreat and was skeptical that my timing was off because my husband who is alcoholic relapsed for the second time in a year and I was pissed. It was time to decide. Stay again or leave. The retreat gave me the wisdom to make a choice. I chose to leave. When I got back I got the last “sign” I needed and he went to rehab for six weeks. He came back a new person. I could tell he had changed. He hit rock bottom. Or we hit it together. We talked about consciousness language at the retreat. A choice can be changed. A decision cannot. The English language “cide” is final. Suicide, homicide, decision – incision, etc. I went off my intuition which I learned how to channel at Shelly’s retreat to make a new choice. To stay. We are doing great and I don’t have any doubt the timing of that retreat, which I almost didn’t go to, was meant to be. It helped me see two sides of how my life could play out and helped me see how digging through mud can lead to some hidden gems.  ~ D

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