Why a Retreat?

A few powerful days during October 2011 changed my life forever.

A dear friend of mine recommended a spiritual art retreat located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I was hesitant.  She was NOT, especially having been before.  I didn’t want to throw a wrench in my everyday “routine.”  Not this stubborn Taurus who loves structure and doing the same thing every day, even having trouble getting out of her two mile radius.  All the thoughts persuading me against attending rushed through my mind like a swarm of angry hornets! Immediately, my safety walls shot up, keeping their stinging nonsense away from my comfort zone.  They violently buzzed at me, bombarding my mind with worries of “I’ll have to take off from work!”  “Who’s going to take care of my cats?”  “I don’t have that kind of money for a few days in the Outer Banks!”  “OMG, I’ll have to drive HOW far?”  “WHAT?! I’ll have to share a room with someone!”  “AND a bathroom too?”  NOT going!  Too hard.  Too far away.  Too expensive.  Too, too, too.

Something clearly divine compelled me to go.  It was the push I needed to register, take off from work, find a cat sitter, dip into my savings, and suck it up in all sorts of ways just to do something different and supportive.  And I did!  I went, I drove there, and I shared a room and bathroom with someone!  Gathering all my little comforts from home, I traveled to the beach in the Outer Banks, and met a group of women who loved to do art.  I was welcomed as if I were family!  My heart opened, flowing with the energy of the retreat. I had an absolute blast that permanently changed my life.  My old, structured paradigm shifted.  I didn’t know.  I didn’t feel any different. At the time, I walked right back into my old life with a few art pieces, a few new friends, and a smile on my face that was just a bit different than before.

As Spirit would have it, my life permanently shifted.  After attending the retreat, approximately three months passed, and out of the blue, I QUIT my profession of 16 years as a public school teacher.  The profession I went to college for, paid a degree for, spent years of my life studying for, sought out the approval of others for!  I thought it was the thing I was supposed to do for the rest of my life!  My dad flipped.  My family, neighbors, and friends flipped.  I didn’t even know I needed to flip, but BAM, I flipped.  I needed to flip.  Reflecting upon the retreat, I realized the powerful nature of energy, shifting me in more ways than I could ever imagine.  The new energy seeped into every cell of my body, and I dramatically shifted.  I lived life unaware that I was unaware of what true joy feels like.  Now, I vibrate with clarity and alignment, higher than ever before.

My beginning happened when I was 44 years old.  The ol’ “mid-life crisis” as my dad calls it.  And really, I just wasn’t on my path, the one my soul designed for me.  So, after batting away at the hornet’s nest, and getting stung a few times, I got the shift my soul needed!  As a result, I discovered offering spiritual retreats to those ready for their energetic shifts is integral to my path.  It is why I designed my retreats, to open the hearts and minds of others to all levels of their souls’ journey.  It is my mission to empower others with the energy necessary to fundamentally change their lives more than they could possibly imagine.

Are you stuck?
Are you getting stung?
Are you ready to powerfully shift?
Let me guide you in the most empowering way I know how.
The time is NOW!

Invest in yourself today!