The Coach

Shelly Norris – Spiritual Coaching

How committed are you to your personal growth?

My approach provides you with the clarity and alignment necessary to powerfully move your life forward.  I talk to your soul and deliver information describing where you are in and out of alignment with your truest path.  I send you home with exercises that help you to continue healing and growing until our next session together.

Life’s a game, let’s PLAY!

  • What type of game are you playing?
  • What pieces are you playing with?
  • What kind of player are you?

Here’s how I learned to play my own game:

In the beginning, I was stuck in a box of my own creation.  I built the walls with the bricks of childhood abandonment, a dysfunctional family life, and the early loss of my childhood, all cemented on the foundation of approval seeking habits.  For most of my life, I tried justifying the box with the patterns that I allowed to rule me.  It took 44 years to realize that if I continued these patterns, I would have died! The breaking point hit me upside the head, scaring my friends, family and I half to death.  Thank GOD I survived, however, the box didn’t!

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Here’s how I help YOU play yours:

  • I intuitively see the bright future your soul has designed for you!
  • I guide you at the pace you are ready for!
  • I introduce you to your team players!
  • I open you to your highest potential!

Meet My Spiritual Team:

As a commitment to helping people, I have developed an intuitively customized program wherein I use our spiritual team to gain insight into your highest calling.  While I am always working with my guides and angels, here are my two MVPs!

Messenger Boy (that’s what he calls himself) works for the Angelic Realm.  Angelic messages are delivered though me to assist you during our session.  He’s quite the charmer and always in a hurry!

My grandmother pops in throughout the session (sometimes staying) and relays gentle messages in a way that supports your personal growth.  As a former school teacher, she’s kind, witty, and excitably adorable!

Let’s get to know yours!

It is my divine mission to empower you to develop and realize your highest potential, and build a life filled with love, joy, and fulfillment!

Your Investment

Spiritual Coaching sessions are 2 hours each.

In person, Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Video Messenger available!

2 hours:  $120

SAVE $$ when you purchase more than one session at a time!!
3 sessions:  $330
6 sessions:  $600

Call or email to schedule your appointments:  757-619-0524 or