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“Raise your frequency and get what you want!  It’s how it works, how nature intended, how the Universe conspires to bring each of us our heart’s desires.” ~Shelly Norris


Traveling Classes!

If you want to learn more about crystals and how to intuitively use them to raise your frequency for clarity, alignment, and forward movement, check out my mind blowing class for you and your fellow crystal lovers!

Here’s what you receive from me:

  • Geological information that sets the stage for a deep understanding of how to use your crystals!
  • Historical facts focusing mostly on the power of quartz.
  • The power of intentions and super charged words to open and allow you to flow with your worth!
  • Guided meditations that teach you how to energetically connect to the frequency of your crystals, enabling you to harness their energy for powerful manifestations.
  • Teaching you how to open your eyes and pay attention to Spirit’s messages.
  • Shifting and growing yourself on a truly fundamental level.
  • 3-4 hours depending on attendance.

Local Class Price:  Flat fee of $65 per person

Taped Live Online Class Price:  Flat fee of $65 per person *Platform is Zoom

Book NOW for 2018

Email me @ or call or text at 757-619-0524

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My shop is always open for shopping by appointment for locals right here in Hampton Roads, VA!  If you live far, let’s FaceTime and I will bring you right into the shop!  It’s super fun and exciting!

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