Class Participant

Class Participant

I cannot say enough about Shelly’s class.  I absolutely loved the class I took with Shelly!  She was extremely knowledgeable about the properties of all the stones and gems.  She has the kind of personality that you feel as though you’ve known each other forever.  Not only did she serve us a fantastic lunch but there was also an abundance of supplies for us to create with.  I found the meditations were both insightful and informative which helped facilitate the flow of creativity.  You could just feel the creative energies.  Everyone attending created something beautiful yet uniquely different.  I believe everyone who attended had a blast! I learned so much more than I ever expected.  I had so much fun that I didn’t want it to end and I met really great people!  Rhonda   Newport News, VA

Today I traveled inside the mind, inside of my crystals, inside of my soul.

I saw my future.

I saw myself.

I met my spirit guide for my crystal quartz and this divine feminine energy showed me the way…

Traveling within my crystal,
learning of it,
it’s history,
it’s significance…

How to heal me.

And as I listened I stopped…

I gazed upon the most brilliant amethyst star filled sky as if I was flying amongst Andromeda myself.

My feet submersed upon the tall vivid green grass, feeling the breeze amongst my skin, just gazing into the sky.

Lost in this tranquil moment.

At peace.

With this life. With myself.

I swayed beneath a willow tree in a wondrous white hammock made from silk,
only to meet a gopher with a message from spirit.

“You are on your way.”

I traveled up into the tallest treehouse upon the most beautiful magnolia tree…
Traveling into my future self…
Opening the beautiful barn door…
Only to see what is stopping me from this life’s purpose.


As my current self showed me the reflection of my future self through a magnificent mirror,
my grandmother popped in to say hello.

“Do not worry, everything will be as it is. Trust in yourself.”

She held my hand and we drifted into the skies and when it was time to descend back into my body she disappeared ever so peacefully.

I climbed back down the stairs of the old treehouse back into my hammock.

I swayed.

In that moment, life stood still.

My soul at it’s highest self.

Aware of the universe around me.

Submerged in the now.

How beautiful this life is.

How beautiful is our tomorrow.

Thank you Shelly’s Rock Shop & Classroom for a beautiful class today.  So much gratitude. ❤
Mother Zen  Virginia Beach, VA